Sunday, 7 February 2010

Golden Years: An Introduction

Sparklies! Goldtext! Apples and Arrows! Sunday morning Omnibuses! The Vortex! The Golden Retriever! A Complete Adventure In One! Ticking clocks! And the unmistakable voice of Glen Allen... feeling nostalgic yet?

In 1992, a "new, unique" satellite channel arrived on our screens, pledging to broadcast classic British television programmes. UK Gold was born, and to a generation of Doctor Who fans, it was unmissable viewing. For over ten years, the 'Doctor Who Omnibus' was a highlight of the Who fan's week, forever part of the Sunday morning line-up. You see, for many fans UK Gold was an integral part of the Doctor Who experience, a chance to relive classic stories from your childhood or, like me, discover the rich history of the show for the very first time...

Nowadays, you can easily get hold of the majority of the classic series episodes on DVD; all the episodes expertly restored and accompanied by a plethora of bonus features. The days of getting up early or staying up late with your video recorder at the ready are gone... but not forgotten. This humble blog is a celebration of those days, so look out for plenty of continuity, trailers and memories. Many of the clips you see here are from my private collection - credits are given to those who have uploaded them elsewhere.

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  1. Great stuff! This blog is going to bring back many memories of staying up after Top Of The Pops or The Goodies to record the late night transmissions...

  2. Oh, great potential with this website. I remember watching Dalek stories at my grandparents, and then tuning into UK Gold to see Carnival of Monsters, in my penultimate year of primary school. We didn't have the internet so I had no idea of what was coming next, and stupidly bought The Sea Devils and Battlefield. Having survived Battlefied, I knew I was in for the long haul!

  3. What was the name of the guy who used to introduce Doctor Who in the mornings?
    Think it was part of The Vortex. He seemed to be a 'proper' fan, in that he was enthusiastic about the programme and knew his trivia!
    Very occasionally he'd have guests on too. Lis Sladen etc.
    Might be worth tracking him down for an interview.

  4. Anon - Glen Allen is the man you remember, he is indeed a proper Who fan and his official website can be found here:

  5. Fantastic blog. This brings back so many memories of recording episodes to VHS tapes very late at night!

  6. Amazing stuff ! I still have a few of the old trailers for some of the episodes on VHS... about all I have got now as you can get all the stories on DVD or VHS. They used to do double bill trailers with Blakes 7 for their Vortex slot on Sunday Mornings. Love the Earthshock one they did.

  7. Cheers Andy! I'd love to see those trailers you mentioned if you're willing to share...