Monday, 22 March 2010

Vengeful Cybermen & Terrifying Zygons

Monday? Already?! Man, I really could do with a TARDIS! At WhoGold this week, if you'll forgive the fannish pun, we're slipping 'sideways in time' with a further look at the weeknight repeats from the hot summer of '97...

As a special treat for regular viewers, Elisabeth Sladen was on hand to introduce every Fourth Doctor story featuring her character Sarah Jane Smith; hopefully all of these introductions will appear here on WhoGold in time. In the first clip, lovely Lis gives viewers a few interesting trivia facts about Revenge of the Cybermen (broadcast Tues 24th to Fri 27th June 1997), followed by a continuity announcement made at the end of part one. I should point out that the picture quality of this week's clips isn't great - not only are these are long-play recordings of now thirteen year-old broadcasts, but the dreaded sparklies were never far away...

Now, my eleven year old self was (unfortunately) very quick with the pause button in those days, usually cutting out any UK Gold trailers and continuity - how I regret that now! The silly things you do when you're young, eh... haha. Anyway, the second part of Revenge was unusual in that I had to set the video recorder to tape it for some reason lost in time... and so preserved on the tape for posterity was a complete trailer for Taggart: Knife Edge, shown on UK Gold on Friday 27th June 1997 at 9.30pm, along with a full (and typically cheery) introduction from announcer Glen Allen. I've also included the story's holding slide and Allen's announcement for parts two and four, the latter of which reminded viewers of that week's Sunday morning omnibus story, Image of the Fendahl (Sunday 29th June 1997, 11.15am-1.10pm); that story's holding slide and end credit voiceover are included.

A new week heralded a new Doctor Who adventure, as Lis Sladen shared her memories in a brief introduction prior to Terror of the Zygons, shown over four nights from Monday 30th June to Thursday 3rd July 1997 at the usual time of 7.20pm. Along with the holding slide for the story, you can hear Glen Allen plugging Crossroads over the end credits of part three.

And that's it for this week! No, don't cry. If you have any comments, feedback or queries about this blog, please get in touch, especially if you have something to share - you know you want to! See you next time...


  1. Grr. That slide still bugs me. "THE" Revenge of The Cyberman. By this time there were new people on board and new graphics which to be frank, look like poo! :)

  2. They were... interesting! ;-)

  3. I'm guessing this was 'pre-photoshop'?