Sunday, 25 July 2010

Happiness Will Prevail

Hello! Welcome to WhoGold, tracking down and sharing clips of the old Doctor Who repeats on UK Gold so you don't have to. This week, we travel back to January 1997 for a Doctor Who double in 'The Vortex'...

It's around 10.05am on Sunday 12th January 1997 and following a promo for the 1978 American TV mini-series Holocaust, Who fans were surprised with a trailer for the Third Doctor story Day of the Daleks, chosen to kick off a three month run of Pertwee stories late on Monday nights; you may recognise the voiceover artist - yes, it's none other than Seventh Doctor actor Sylvester McCoy, who was about to appear in...

The Happiness Patrol (10.05am-11.30am)
Silver Nemesis (11.30am-1.00pm)
UK Gold - Sunday 12th January 1997

Glen Allen was on hand and in-vision to introduce both stories. The following programme trails were shown prior to Silver Nemesis:

Made In Britain (Tonight 10.15)
Diagnosis of Murder (Today 1.10)

The latter was a US TV movie, the very first edition of what would become Diagnosis: Murder, the long-running medical crime drama starring Dick Van Dyke, popular with students, elderly people and the unemployed.

Hope you've enjoyed these clips - big thanks to Glen Allen for lending his voice to our new intro! You'll be glad to know Glen has unearthed lots of clips from his time at UK Gold - many of which have never been broadcast - and has agreed to share them with us! So keep coming back to WhoGold, 'cos you ain't seen nothing yet...


  1. Wonderful, as usual - many thanks for posting these.

  2. No, thank you Mike for providing your tapes! :-)