Sunday, 13 November 2011

Doctor Who @ 40 Weekend - Part Two

Welcome back! Four more videos from November 2003, so let's get underway...

Jon Pertwee (1970-74)

Velvet jackets, capes, fast cars, a shock of white hair, jackanapes, the wings of the mother hen, Venusian karate, eyepatches, the dandy, Jumping Jehosophat, ham fisted bun vendor, a Yeti sitting on yer loo in Tooting Bec... erm... have I left any out? UK Gold pays tribute to the man of action, and previews the most-requested Pertwee story, 1971's The Daemons (shown Saturday 22nd November 2003, 11.55am-2.25pm). With contributions from Barry Letts, Terrance Dicks, Nicholas Courtney, Katy Manning, Elisabeth Sladen, Stephen Thorne, Jon Culshaw, Gary Russell, Clayton Hickman, Antony Wainer and Dale Who.

The Theme Tune

A short look at the creation and enduring appeal of television's greatest ever theme tune. With Mark Ayres, Brian Hodgson, Paul McGann, Kim Newman, Dick Fiddy, Hilary Wilson (AKA Lorraine Bowen), Susan Blairgowie, Hilton Fitzsimmons and Steve Berry.

Tom Baker (1974-81)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Louise Jameson, Elisabeth Sladen, Michael Kilgarriff, Stephen Thorne, Terrance Dicks, Jon Culshaw, Clayton Hickman, Dale Who, Antony Wainer, Gardner Goldsmith and Mark Campbell all share their views on the man who was born to play The Doctor. Pyramids Of Mars was revealed to be the fan's favourite Fourth Doctor story - obviously Genesis of the Daleks was ineligible - and was shown straightafterwards (Sunday 23rd November 2003, 2.25-4.25pm)...

Monster Mania

Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Katy Manning, Terry Molloy (erroneously credited as Malloy on-screen), Michael Kilgarriff, Arabella Weir, Jon Culshaw, Daniel Billing, Mark Campbell, John Ainsworth, Andrew Beech, Hilton Fitzsimmons, Steve Berry, Andrew Green and other fans share their favourite monsters and villains from across the decades.

We've come to the end now, but don't worry, you'll be able to drive yourself mad listening to short snippets of Doctorin' The Tardis again next week - Sunday 20th November, almost eight years on. See you then!

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