Monday, 29 March 2010

Black Orchid, Earthshock & Time-Flight

The latter half of November 1999 was a memorable time for Doctor Who as the series celebrated its 36th birthday: Radio Times commissioned a lovely Dalek cover photo, BBC2 roped Tom Baker in to present a special evening of programming, before kicking off a repeat run with 'Spearhead from Space' and UK Gold... well, they didn't do anything special, but given that they had repeated the series for over seven years, you could forgive them.

Six continuity announcements, two promos for the official BBC Doctor Who website, one video! The clips above come from the following broadcasts:

Black Orchid (Sunday 21st November 1999, 10.10am-11.10am)
Earthshock (Sunday 28th November 1999, time unknown)
Time-Flight (Sunday 5th November 1999, time unknown)

If you have any clips to share, please get in touch! Once I've exhausted my supply, this blog will rely on your contributions...

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