Monday, 8 February 2010

More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS

Those of you with long memories will recall that an extended version of the 30th anniversary BBC documentary "30 Years In The TARDIS" was released on BBC home video in 1994. As a Bank Holiday treat for Who fans, UK Gold showed it (albeit with a few cuts) at 3.00pm on Monday 25th August 1997; here's the trailer, a special in-vision introduction by Elisabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney and a holding caption for the ad break...

Also included for your entertainment are a few minutes taken from a videotape dating from the mid-1990s. The first clip comes from an Easter week broadcast, starting with the end credits of a autumn 1981 edition of Top Of The Pops, featuring The Police, directly followed by a (sadly incomplete) trailer for programmes on Good Friday; clips from The Russ Abbot Show, The Bill, Carry On Don't Lose Your Head and The Best Of Top Of The Pops can be seen.

Finally, there's a complete trailer for the channel's Saturday Showcase Special, a themed night of programming (see below) before closedown with continuity announcer Sue Radford.

Showcase Special (Saturday) trailer
Bruce Forsyth And The Generation Game, A Tribute To Bruce Forsyth, Larry Grayson's Generation Game, Shut That Door, In The Best Possible Taste, Ooh Er Missus, Then Churchill Said To Me, The Thoughts Of Chairman Alf & Ken Dodd's World Of Laughter

Enjoy! Thanks to Glen Allen for the correction :-)


  1. Mike ( 29, 2010

    For some reason I was ridiculously excited by the prospect of UK Gold showing something that had previouly only been available via VHS. I was without my videos at the time (having only recently moved out from home) and it was a good way of boring...entertaining those I was now living with with a collection of (mostly) good Who. Shame "30 years" hasn't had a DVD release - Kevin Davies stuff is often very good indeed. The forerunner of modern DVD extras. (And why can't we have some UK Gold stuff on the DVDs, as well?)

  2. Thats Sue Radford doing continuity , not Susanna :)


  3. DAVID GRAHAMAugust 23, 2010

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  4. Cheers David! Keep visiting every Monday for new clips :-)