Sunday, 13 February 2011

Speedbird Concorde 192

Ah, Time-Flight, where the Master, trapped in the past and bizarrely dressed as some kind of alien magician with an Oriental accent, goes to the trouble of pulling a plane millions of years back into the past, kidnapping its passengers and crew... all in order to break down a wall. You couldn't make it up. Well, Peter Grimwade could. Sadly. UK Gold aired this car-crash of a story several times over the years, so let's go revisit one of those accident hot spots...

Doctor Who: Time-Flight
Saturday 12th October 2002
UK Gold 1.35am-3.25am and 7.10-9.00am

From September to December 2002, UK Gold were repeating Doctor Who stories not once, but twice in one day! The first would appear in the very early hours of Saturday 12th October in the space year 2002, the second following in the not-quite-as-early-but-still-pretty-damn-early hours. On this particular occasion, UK Gold trailed the Star Trek movies Generations and First Contact, historical drama Sharpe, Tuesday night comedy featuring The League of Gentlemen, and the fifth series of Red Dwarf during the commercial breaks.

Many thanks to new, regular WhoGold contributor Kinggodzillak for providing these great clips! He kept his old recordings and got in touch, so why don't you?

Hope to see you next time as we reach a very special milestone - put Sunday 27th February in your diary! Or whatever you kids use these days...

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