Saturday, 29 January 2011

Harrison And Heironymous

Harrison And Heironymous sounds like a solicitors, doesn't it?
Ah well, it's only a title...

During the summer months of 1997, Doctor Who was given a rare prime-time slot on satellite channel UK Gold, as the Fourth Doctor's earliest adventures were screened episode by episode, weeknights at 7.20pm (usually sandwiched between classic comedies such as Brush Strokes, Sykes, George And Mildred and Only When I Laugh). Actress Elisabeth Sladen was invited on-screen to share her memories and introduce viewers to each story; we've already looked back at clips from Revenge Of The Cybermen/Terror Of The Zygons, Planet of Evil/Pyramids Of Mars and The Android Invasion/The Brain Of Morbius, so let's carry on with the Krynoids...

Doctor Who: The Seeds of Doom
UK Gold - Monday 28th July to Monday 4th August 1997

Doctor Who: The Masque of Mandragora
UK Gold - Tuesday 5th to Friday 8th August 1997

Thanks for calling by, see you on Saturday 12th February for another look back at those Golden Years... that was a bit cheesy, wasn't it?

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