Monday, 17 May 2010

Save Your Breath For The Timelash!

What were you doing on Sunday 15th January 1995? What do you mean you can't remember? Oh well, fair enough, it was fifteen years ago. But I'll guess a few of you were up bright and early to watch that classic Doctor Who story, Timelash on UK Gold... and afterwards probably wished you'd stayed in bed...

Note: Should you get a pesky advert when you play the video, click the X in the top-right hand corner and it'll go away!

Thanks again to one of our contributors (cheers Mike!) we have an complete recording from that morning, which means plenty of trails and continuity! Prior to Doctor Who at 10.10am, two trails were shown - the Sunday film That Riviera Touch (1.00pm) and a run down of evening programmes, Van Der Valk/Minder/Colditz/Hazell (Sunday from 8pm).

And following the omnibus, there were trails for Ripping Yarns: Escape from Stalag Luft (Monday 11.05pm), Minder: The Smaller They Are (Sunday 9pm) and Van Der Valk (Sunday 8pm), as well as a short filler called Gold Fillings, featuring clips of programmes scheduled later that day, namely All Creatures Great And Small (5pm), Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em (6pm) and Fresh Fields (6.35pm)...


Next up, a look ahead to late night viewing on Tuesday 17th February 1995: Top of the Pops: August 1981 (10.30pm), Cool It (11.10pm), part one of Doctor Who: The Curse of Fenric (11.50pm) and FILM: Young And Innocent (12.20am). Plenty more Fenric clips from that week can be found here for your viewing pleasure!

Finally, Glen Allen introduces an episode of Blake's 7 at 12pm... and that's where we end! Hope you've enjoyed seeing these clips, and don't forget to get in touch if you have any to share! Thanks for watching, see you next time...


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