Sunday, 19 September 2010

Agge-dor-dor-dor (Again)

Welcome back to WhoGold, remembering the times we sacrificed our Sunday morning lie-ins to spend time with the Doctor on UK Gold...

The Monster Of Peladon was screened twice on UK Gold during the summer of 1993 - once in all its original episodic glory, then in two Sunday morning chunks for the omnibus edition...

The video above comes from a recording of the omnibus edition of episodes 3-6, broadcast from 9.00am on Sunday 1st August 1993. The 'junctions' either side of Doctor Who that day contained nine trails, which are included for your viewing pleasure:

Ballet Shoes (Next Saturday 5.30pm)
Pride And Prejudice (Tonight 6.00pm)
Miss Marple: Body In The Library - Part 3 (Tonight 8pm)
The Six Wives Of Henry VIII (Tonight 9pm)
Glen Campbell: In Concert (Sunday 11.45pm)
Texas Lady (Sunday 11am)
Crashout (Sunday 12.30pm)
Ballet Shoes (Next Saturday 5.30pm - different to earlier version)
Rory Bremner (Sunday 10.45pm)

Viewers were also warned that from September, UK Gold would no longer be free-to-air on satellite and cable, becoming part of the new Sky Multi Channels package. Bloody Murdoch eh?

Thanks for looking in! More memories next week.

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