Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Space Museum & The Web Planet

Well, let's kick off with trailers and continuity from two late night Hartnells...

All four episodes of The Space Museum were broadcast in omnibus format late one Friday night in early 1999 (scheduled at 11.55pm-1.40am). You will notice that the original ending to episode four which features the Daleks has been removed - in the early days of the channel, UK Gold did not have the rights to show any stories written by Terry Nation, which mean the cliffhanger had to go! Thankfully the rights issue was resolved by October 1993, but the channel were obviously still using the same tapes at the end of the decade. The episode concludes with the TARDIS leaving Xeros, followed by the end credits, which amusingly feature the names of the Dalek operator and voice artiste!

The clips from The Web Planet come from October 1999. As the following story 'The Crusade' does not exist in its entirety, the next episode caption at the end of episode six was removed. The original end credits have been removed entirely; the re-made credits you see here also featured on the 1990 BBC Video release. The following version of the end credits, with an alternative voice over, comes from an earlier repeat on Saturday 22nd August 1998 (9.05am-12.05pm).

The following trailers are included:

Tuesday Sci-Fi Night trailer
Clips: Red Dwarf V, Crime Traveller & Bugs

UK Play advert

Comedy Celebration trailer (Sunday 10th October 1999)
Clips: Fawlty Towers, One Foot In The Grave, Monty Python's Flying Circus

Saturday Night Comedy trailer
Clips:The Thin Blue Line, The Two Ronnies, The Detectives

Sunday evening trailer
Clips: One Foot In The Grave, Keeping Up Appearances, Open All Hours and Only Fools And Horses



  1. By October 1999 the apples/arrows/leaves idents had been moved to new channel UK Gold 2. These were replaced on the main UK Gold by five excellent 'fireworks' idents.

    It's good to see that they made the effort to produce a William Hartnell specific holding slide for the advert breaks in these broadcasts.

  2. The first five Doctors (Hartnell to Davison) had individual holding slides during this period - sadly Baker and McCoy weren't so lucky...