Sunday, 15 May 2011

Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2164 AD

I don't know about you, guy and gals, but I've always preferred the low-budget Slyther-tastic Dalek Invasion to the big bold Technicolor one that hit the cinemas during the summer of 1966. Sure, the effects were alright, and it had the brilliant Bernard Cribbins in it, but are you trying to tell me our great-great-great-grandchildren will be eating Sugar Puffs for their breakfast? Yeah right, any fool knows all food of the future will be in pill form... and we'll all be living on Mars anyway...

So, it's Friday 5th February 1999 and the UK Gold schedule looks like this:

7.00am Crossroads
7.30am Neighbours
7.55am EastEnders
8.30am The Bill
9.30am When The Boat Comes In
10.30am Rhoda
11.00am Dallas
11.55am Neighbours
12.25pm EastEnders
1.00pm Juliet Bravo
2.00pm Dallas
2.55pm The Bill
3.55pm EastEnders
4.30am Rhoda
5.00pm All Creatures Great And Small
6.00pm Dynasty
7.00pm 2point4 Children
7.40pm Dad's Army
8.20pm The Detectives
9.00pm The Thin Blue Line
9.40pm Knowing You Knowing Me With Alan Partridge
10.20pm Ruby Wax Meets Heidi Fleiss
11.00pm The Bill
12.00am Doctor Who Omnibus
3.00am Shopping With Screenshop

The earliest episodes of Doctor Who, featuring good old William Hartnell, were showing late on Friday nights... so late in fact, that sometime during the fifth episode I fell asleep! It'd been a long day, I was up early for school! Anyway, this proved to be a good thing in hindsight, as I ended up taping the last two 'ad breaks', which gives us a couple of unique trailers featuring Red Dwarf IV, Only Fools And Horses and Men Behaving Badly to view...

That's it for now, thanks for watching! During July 2011, WhoGold will be taking a closer look at how UK Gold promoted their Doctor Who repeats during the 1990s, which means lots of trailers! If you have any you would like to include, get in touch! See you 29th May for more WhoGold.

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