Friday, 14 January 2011

Can You Help?

WhoGold is always on the lookout for recordings of Doctor Who episodes aired on UK Gold between 1992 and 2007, so if you or anyone you know has kept their old VHS tapes or DVD recordings (preferably unedited, complete with the advert breaks and channel continuity), then please get in touch! Many of these bits and pieces are only here due to the generosity of contributors, so whatever you do, don't throw them away!

You can contact WhoGold at the following e-mail address:

Hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. Hi

    i just stumbled across your site and I have to admit that it brought back a lot of memories. I started recording the UK Gold repeats in 1992 with The Romans. As the stories became officially released on VHS, I gradually erased over these old recordings. Many still remained but when i finally moved out of my parents home, I junked a lot of tapes (probably around 50), which contained UK Gold repeats of The Triposa, Doomwatch etc.

    However, quite a few still arrive from the period between 1992 - 1998 (not all WHO but quite a few). I definitely still have the trails for The War Machines, The Ark and The Gunfighters. If you're interested, i will have a dig around and see what else i have for you.

    Let me know at

    Chris Maile