Sunday, 29 August 2010

Kitchen Sink Drama

Whether this is your first time with us, or if you're one of our regular viewers, a very warm welcome to WhoGold - sifting through tape after tape to bring you classic continuity from those halcyon days when we used to get up at the crack of dawn or stay up ridiculously late, all just to make an appointment with our favourite Doctor...

When the newly-arrived analogue satellite channel UK Gold began screening Doctor Who stories in November 1992, viewers could have been forgiven for thinking the stories would be aired in their original transmission order. If only life was so simple! Not only were certain stories unavailable for transmission (UK Gold were unable to reach an agreement with writer Terry Nation to licence repeats of his stories) but the ones that were screened went out in a rather confusing order...

So, the 1964 three-part serial Planet of Giants was the fourth Doctor Who story to appear on UK Gold, originally aired on three consecutive weekday afternoons from Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th November 1992 in the 5.30pm slot - subsequent screenings of this story would be in an edited, 'omnibus' format. In the early days, UK Gold preferred to use on-screen captions rather than continuity announcers, and so halfway through the closing credits for programmes, the picture would shrink back to reveal schedule information - this is standard practice in 2010, but back in 1992 it was rather unusual!

Also included for your viewing pleasure are two UK Gold promos from the time, one focusing on the soap operas that were being repeated from the very beginning, the other looking at the line-up for Thursdays. Special thanks must go to 'The Whizz2009' and 'RetroChannelUK' for originally uploading these promos on YouTube!

Thanks for watching and we hope you'll come back next Monday for more memories! And remember, if you have any recordings you'd like to share, please please please get in touch! Take care.

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