Saturday, 9 October 2010

Quite Topping!

What connects Glen Allen, Eric Sykes, Captain Pugwash, Robert Palmer and a letching clown? The answer is they're all in this week's WhoGold video...

It's the morning of Sunday 11th September 1994 and UK Gold are doing a Doctor Who double! The Cybermen did us all a favour and ensured Adric kicked the bucket in the omnibus edition of Earthshock at 10.10am, but before that at 9.15am there was a brief trip to the roaring Twenties in two-parter Black Orchid. Trailers for Captain Pugwash (5.40pm Weekdays), Sykes (5.55pm Weekdays) and Top Of The Pops: 1982 (10.30pm Starts Tomorrow) appeared beforehand.

More clips next weekend - thanks for watching!

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