Monday, 14 June 2010

The Seeds of Doom

Before we get going, time for a quick hurrah, for this is our 20th entry! I really hope you've enjoyed watching these little slices of nostalgia over the past twenty weeks, and thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of several of you, there's plenty more to come - so keep checking back every Monday! And if you've got something to share, please get in touch, we really want to unearth more clips!

Now for our very first look at a Doctor Who repeat from the 21st century...

On Monday 8th March 2004, UK Gold was re-branded UKTV Gold. The station's idents around this time showed channel-hopping viewers being distracted by a golden light coming from their television screen - in this instance, we see a rather athletic bloke stopping his workout to watch... not that watching UKTV Gold was meant to turn you into a big couch potato... or was it?

A few weeks later, on Saturday 27th March 2004, very early risers were treated to an omnibus showing of the classic Tom Baker story The Seeds of Doom, aired from 6.00-9.00am. Does anyone know who the continuity announcer was? She's very perky for that time of the morning! One thing you'll spot is the interactive 'red button' in the top-right corner - this was a right pain in the (ahem) for anyone wanting to tape programmes!

Ad-break bumpers had become generic by this point, simply a series of shifting red, yellow and orange blocks accompanied by various messages:

Back in a bit
Back in a mo
Ciao for now
Cup of tea. Feet up. Sweet.
Don't go away
Enjoy the show
Hello again
Hope you're enjoying the programme
Notice anything different?
Our breaks have got shorter
See you in a bit

And there we are! Next week, we take a trip back in time to March 1993... ciao for now...

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  1. Hooray for the 20th entry, indeed! Surprising how wonderfully nostalgic these clips are - I'd given up on UK Gold for the most part by 2004, though...although it was still much better then than it is now.