Monday, 8 March 2010

The Two Doctors, Fenric & Survival

It's the end, but the moment had been prepared for, as we go back in time to the beginning of 1995...

By January 1995, UK Gold had almost reached the end of their very first run of Doctor Who repeats, which began with (funnily enough) An Unearthly Child in November 1992. While the Seventh Doctor's final season were being screened for the first time, the Sixth Doctor's tenure was being repeated in the Sunday mornings omnibus slot.

The first two clips relate to The Two Doctors, which was broadcast on Sunday 8th January 1995 from 9.10am to midday. A clever little trailer played upon the fact that Colin Baker also appeared in that weekend's Blake's 7 episode, "City At The Edge Of The World", as the fearsome Bayban the Butcher. Continuity comes from the legendary Glen Allen.

The next set of clips originate from 1989's The Curse of Fenric, broadcast in its original episodic format from Tuesday 17th to Friday 20th January 1995. It was common practice for the channel to screen a 'menu' of late evening programming, complete with clips, during the junction between programmes; you can see the Fenric sections of these menus, along with the full trailer for episode one.

A promo for Survival (Mon 23-Wed 25 Jan 1995) was shown following the conclusion of Fenric and is included here for your enjoyment, along with Glen Allen's original intros to parts 1 & 3. Last but not least, there's an end credit voiceover from Allen, promising relieved viewers a complete run of stories from Pertwee onwards in March, while seasons 23 and 24 bridged the gap.

Many thanks to PertweeDelgado2 at YouTube, where these various clips were found. See you next week!

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