Monday, 10 May 2010

From Kraals To Karn

Time to look back once again to the summer of 1997, when UK Gold screened the first half of Tom Baker's tenure as the Doctor, weeknights at 7.20pm. As a treat for viewers, Elisabeth Sladen was enlisted to introduce each new story - in this week's video, she shares her memories of season 13 stories The Android Invasion and The Brain of Morbius...

The Doctor's tangle with the Kraals was aired from Wednesday 16th to Monday 21st July 1997, followed by his run in with (what was left of) renegade Time Lord Morbius from Tuesday 22nd to Friday 25th July 1997 (all in the 7.20pm slot, bar episode 3 of The Android Invasion which went out slightly later at 7.35pm).


More clips next week! If you have been, thanks for watching...

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