Saturday, 26 February 2011

Pity, She's Quite A Dolly

Before we begin, this week's video is dedicated to the memory of the much-loved character actor Nicholas Courtney who died earlier this week, aged 81. A lovely man, a fine actor and one of the greatest icons in Doctor Who history - he'll be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Brig.

Whether this is your first time here, or you're a regular visitor, a very warm welcome to WhoGold. It's a good thing you're here too, as it's a very special occasion: today's video is the 50th since this little blog began, just over a year ago in January 2010. Yes, fifty videos! Packed with nostalgia from those golden years when classic Doctor Who was never far away from our TV screens, thanks to satellite channel UK Gold. Sure, you could watch your brand new BBC Videos and dodgy old nth-generation VHS recordings any time you liked, but there was something comforting about the fact that UK Gold was always there, keeping the flame alive through those barren years, making new fans of younger viewers who were enjoying the Doctor's adventures for the very first time... I know, I was one of those youngsters...

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has helped over the past year, with tapes, information, support and encouragement. Special thanks go to Mike in Huddersfield, whose dozens and dozens of VHS recordings gave this blog the material to survive its first year, and new contributor 'Kinggodzillak', who has recently provided a whole new batch of recordings which will keep WhoGold going strong throughout 2011... cheers chaps.

Right, let's get on with it...

Doctor Who: The Mind of Evil
UK Gold - Fri 11th June 1993, Mon 14th to Fri 18th June 1993
11:30-midnight (except episode 3, 11:45pm-12.15am)

The Mind Of Evil was first broadcast in six weekly episodes on BBC1 from 30th January to 6th March 1971. Twenty-two years later, the story received its first repeat screening, from 11th-18th June 1993 on satellite channel UK Gold. However on this occasion, the episodes were broadcast in black and white rather than colour, and they had been edited. Why? Get watching...

Thanks to 'kinggodzillak' for providing the original footage. See you in two weeks time on Saturday 12th March for a trip to Gallifrey... but with which Doctor?

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