Friday, 30 March 2012


Welcome to WhoGold, the Doctor Who blog that's so niche even the most hardened of anoraks think "WTF?!" Which incidentally was what viewers of UK Gold were thinking one Sunday morning in 1995, when Skagra and his big white ball turned up out of the blue...

Replacing the scheduled screening of season 18 opener The Leisure Hive, the infamous untransmitted story Shada received its first - and only - television broadcast on UK Gold on Sunday 29th October 1995. So how did it happen?

It transpired staff at BBC Enterprises had erroneously provided UK Gold with a copy of the BBC Video release, and so Douglas Adams' final Doctor Who finally made it to television, minus the introduction by Tom Baker, sandwiched between episodes of Worzel Gummidge and Blake's Seven. Resident announcer Glen Allen was on hand to provide his unique, quirky continuity.

Thanks for visiting, and remember to get in touch if you've kept hold of your VHS recordings. WhoGold will return with more clips on Sunday 15th April - have a great Easter!

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  1. I had no idea that Shada had *ever* been broadcast - fascinating!