Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Dance Goes On

"You're watching UK Gold. Now it's time for the Doctor Who Omnibus, Snakedance; and as Tegan thinks she's free, the Mara returns..."

Doctor Who: Snakedance
UK Gold
Sunday 2nd October 1994

And here's how the day lined up...

7.00am Button Moon
7.30am The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
8.00am One By One
9.00am Big Deal
10.10am Dr Who Omnibus: Snakedance
12.00pm Blake's Seven
1.00pm Perry Mason
2.40pm The Bill Omnibus
4.55pm Sykes
5.30pm The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole
6.00pm All Creatures Great And Small
7.00pm Triangle
7.30pm The Dick Emery Show
8.00pm Dallas
9.50pm Carrott Confidential
10.30pm Bergerac: The Movie - Retirement Plan
12.25am Rory Bremner
1.05am Doomwatch
2.05-3.00am Shopping At Night / Closedown

Thanks to regular contributor Rich for supplying the clips.

Time for a summer break, but don't worry, WhoGold will return on Sunday 2nd September 2012, with weekly updates right through to Christmas! You lucky, lucky people.

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